Degree in “Strategies of development and revitalisation of language and native identities”

This degree is Garabide’s most important project, and a one-of-a-kind  course regarding language revitalisation in the world.

We organise it with the collaboration of the HUHEZI faculty of the University of Mondragón and it is designed to strengthen the strategic bonds between  organisations and build the bases of future projects. Essentially, we  train southern minority language promoters in language revitalisation strategies so that they can become leaders of their own development process.

With three successful editions in 2011, 2013 and 2016, the Degree in “Strategies of development and revitalisation of language an native identities” has been an inflection point for Garabide, as we have achieved to offer a 490 study-hours official university qualification that combines theoretical aspects and the opportunity to get to know real experiences. 

“Bidaide” programme

The Bidaide Programme  is a comprehensive linguistic planning based programme designed to develop native language speaking communities.

Its objective is to create a cooperative relationship –with Garabide’s mediation-  between Basque experience related organisations and people, public or social organisations working for language recovery in different minority language communities in the world


  • It is a system based on the accompanying concept, a new cooperation system based on experience sharing.
  • It is the result of the will to develop language revitalisation strategies from the Basque experience.
  • It activates Basque promoters and promoters from other native language communities of the world at the same time.
  • It is a shared-non-assistance programme. It does not create a dependent relationship as its aim is not to just fund projects
  • It is a comprehensive programme that integrates several activities and promoters: exchanges, recurrent training, advising…

We are currently developing Bidaide programmes with Nasa people in Colombia, Nahuatls in Mexico, Kichwas in Ecuador, Kaqchiquel Mayas in Guatemala, Aimaras and Qechuas in Bolivia, Maya people of Yucatán in Mexico, Mapuches in Chile, Kurdish in Kurdistan and Amazighs in northern Africa. 

Publications and documentaries about the Basque experience

ikastoletako lehen irakasleak

Our informative  material is the result of our Research and Development work. From the beginning, we have worked not only regarding endangered languages, but also investigating and promoting Basque’s experience. A very important work has been made in the past 50 years in the field of language recovery. However, Basque language needs to keep working towards language normalisation due to its minority and endangered condition, and in Garabide we do not forget that.

We strengthen and complement our field work with educational  material. In Garabide we have synthesised and systematised in four books (each of them in Basque, Spanish, English and French) the work that has been made in the past 50 years to revitalise Basque language. We have also gathered together the reflections of the participants of both editions of the Degree in “Strategies of development and revitalisation of language and native identities” in two documentaries.

The Basque experience - Books

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