About Garabide

Garabide is a Non-Governmental Development Organization that promotes a new model of cooperation based on the exchange of experiences.

When Garabide was founded in 2005, we started to base our work in the idea that, when it comes to undertaking a cooperative project, a country should not wonder how much money it has to put forth, but rather what experiences it will share; which of its processes could serve as a guide or example for other communities. We think that is the way for other communities to become part of their own sustainable self-development, as that question changes the helper-helped dynamic and removes the subordinate position of the beneficiary that just receives money. This new way of understanding cooperation treats both poles as equals as it turns them into senders and receivers of knowledge at the same time.

Linguistic cooperation

So if we wonder which of our processes could serve as guide or example for other communities, which know-how do we have to share, the answer is clear for us:  the revitalisation of our language.  There is no other language revitalisation process in the world born from the civil initiative and that knowledge is a treasure in this time when languages are dying faster than ever.

Sharing experiences

Our aim is to share that recovery experience with minority language speaking southern communities, taking into account that cultural revitalisation can only be made from the ideas of sustainability, human rights defence and gender equality. Some of those communities are going trough the same processes we suffered 40-50 years ago, we feel identified with them, and that creates great mutual understanding and empathy.

In the past 50 years, the Basque language has gone from being on the verge of disappearance to advancing significantly in some areas. The revitalisation of a language is a process that encompasses many fields, such as media, educational institutions, academies or government.  Starting from this general perspective and looking at the progress made during those years, Garabide shares the experience of the Basque language with other minority language communities of the world, hoping that this might light the way in some respect and provide us with their vision as well. 

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