Ekolingua, a game to debate

07/07/2020 - Books

Ekolingua is a board game for debate or argumentation, based [...]

Analysis of gender resistance in Development NGOs

05/07/2020 - Books

Making inconsistencies visible as a strategy for transformation. Lorena Pajares

Language revitalization guide: trained and informed management

03/07/2020 - Books

Authors: Jose Antonio Flores Farfan, Lorena Córdova Hernandez and Josep Cru [...]

A Guide To Studying Indigenous, Under-Resourced and Minority Languages

24/04/2020 - Books

From Living Tonges website: "If you want to learn an [...]

A Guide for Planning the Future of Our Language

16/04/2020 - Books

"This practical tool developed by SIL is meant to be used [...]

The Basque experience IV - Education

07/03/2015 - Books

The survival of a language depends crucially on the development [...]

The Basque experience III - The press and media

05/03/2015 - Books

This book reflects on the mission of the media in the [...]

The Basque experience I - Some keys to revitalize the language

02/03/2015 - Books

In this book you will meet a family who failed [...]

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