In Garabide we want to build the bases of a new way of cooperation, linguistic cooperation, to achieve this objectives:

  • To direct cooperation with minority language communities of developing countries, based on the Basque language and culture revitalisation process.
  • To develop cooperation projects with promoters of those communities in language, culture and identity developing related fields, paying special attention to education.
  • To provide resources so that Basque organisations can share their experience and knowledge with southern minority language community organisations and promoters.
  • To carry out all of that from a  sustainable, human rights and gender equality defending point of view.

Offering training, advising and guiding projects, organising exchange programs and researching, systemising and promoting the Basque experience, in Garabide we work to promote our new way of understanding cooperation and to fight the language disappearing process. 

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 2017 Garabide

Jose Arana 13, 20540 Eskoriatza, Gipuzkoa (Spain)
943 250 397